Wednesday, February 20, 2013

surprise trip ((part 2))

The fun continued that night in destin. It was chilly out, but that meant there was not many people around, and I felt like the place was ours. We walked around and talked about past memories, warmed our hands by the fire and ate at the funky blues shack. At dinner we drank some delicious draft beer, played trivia games ((that they provided at the table)) and stayed an hour after we had finished our dinner because we were having way too much fun. I didnt want the night to end.


anna lizbeth

((on another note.. is it just me.. or does anyone else struggle to get their husbands to smile for the camera?!))


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    You look so cute. I love your headband :)

  2. hahahah i totally have a hard time getting my husband to smile for the camera. he winces more than he smiles :)

  3. awe looks like fun!

    My husband will smile no problem lol

  4. this looks like you had a fabulous time! I love taking trips and exploring :)

    The House of Shoes

  5. What a nice surprise! Love your sweater in the pics.
    My husband will smile if I get him in a picture, but we usually have a hard time taking pictures of the two of us when no one else is travelling with us... we feel funny asking strangers to take pictures!


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