Friday, November 30, 2012

'Tis the Season

To fill your homes with Christmas Decor!!

Christmas Decorations are my favorite. I love all of the warmth and color it brings into my home. 

Here are some ideas I am loving right now.

For more lovely christmas ideas head on over to my pinterest


anna lizbeth

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Griswold Christmas


This was a big year for us.

We were able to buy our FIRST Christmas tree as a married couple.

Needless to say.. we were excited.

One might say a little TOO excited.

We quickly decided that because this was our first tree.. we wanted a big one! Did we measure the 
tree? no. Did we measure our ceiling? nope. But we had found our tree! 

One can guess what happened next.

When we got home we realized this lovely tree of ours was WAY to big for our home. It not only was touching the ceiling but it was also covering up my bar.

We then had to trim the trunk ((after going to lowes and buying a saw)), trim the top ((while I am IN the tree trying to hold it in place)), then moved the bar and placed the tree in the far back corner.

Thankfully it works. It is large. It is very out of place.  It only has three ornaments. But I kind of love it that way...because it is our first tree :). 


anna lizbeth

Friday, November 23, 2012

A lovely thanksgiving..

spent with the dearest of friends.

Our lovely day started out with baking pies

carving a delicious turkey 

and decorating ((lots of decorating!!))

For the seating.. I decided banquet would be the best option. I love having all of my favorite people close by!

For the tablecloth I used Kraft paper and drew the place mats ((we have a limited supply of linens so this ended up being a great option!))

 for the seating chart I put an envelope on each plate and it included a note telling each guest why I was thankful for them

The last item that was needed was mason jars. In my opinion.. mason jars are an important aspect of every get together ;)

Ok. Now for the festivities..

We spent the day hanging outside on rocking chairs.. in flannel 

 and watching the football game. ((we had a lot of football fans!))

After the game, we sat down for the best part of the day.. the food. the fellowship. and the wine.

then came the dessert ((Three pumpkin and one pecan pie.. yes please!!))

While eating.. some of the guests wrote what they were thankful for. My favorite list was from Logan.. he is two.  ((My husband made it on the list!! I too would put Ben on my list, Logan. He is pretty great.))

I ended the day in my backyard. Surrounded by friends. Warming by a bonfire. With Apple Cider in my hand. Baby Cuddles. And a Thankful Heart. 

Hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving!


anna lizbeth

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In case you didn't know

You Guys, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! 

Since we are hosting this year we have been getting the house ready. I got a new Tyler Candle with the scent of Egg Nog, we hung bulb lights ((I am all about ambiance)) and last night we got the turkey in the mail!! I may have done a happy dance before this picture was taken ((it was necessary)). The turkey just smells THAT good. Since we are doing a friendsgiving this year we decided a precooked turkey was the way to go... and I am pretty excited about it. 

Today I will be reading this article about hosting thanksgiving while this  pumpkin pie is in the oven. I will then begin working on these thanksgiving projects and printing out this thanksgiving trivia ((because a party is not complete without trivia)).

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!


anna lizbeth

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mom Gift Guide

Gift Guide for the mom and mother in law in your life! 

for more gift ideas.. head on over to my pinterest!


anna lizbeth

Monday, November 19, 2012

Manly Gift Guide

The husband and I like to refer to these items as Man Fancy :).. enjoy! 

for more gift ideas for the men in your life..head on over to my pinterest

happy shopping!


anna lizbeth

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I love us

I wrote a post a while back about moonbeans. She makes lovely embroidery hoops and once I saw this one.. I had to have it! 

I just got mine in the mail today and LOVE IT. It has now found a new home on my bar. 

If your looking for a gift for a friend or family member this holiday season. I highly recommend one of these! 

Speaking of great gifts.. I am putting together a gift guide for this coming week!! ((get excited)) 

happy weekend friends! 


anna lizbeth

Friday, November 16, 2012

blogs I love

I am new to this whole blogging thing and I LOVE it. Not only for the creative outlet ((which I enjoy)) but also for the community that I have found. I have discovered so many lovely things for my home as well as clothing inspirations. I have been inspired to create. I have laughed as well empathized with bloggers. I have been challenged to strive for a simpler life as well as a life that is Christ centered. It really is the best. 

I wanted to take a moment to mention some of the blogs that I have been enjoying lately.. and hopefully you will be able to enjoy them as well! 

A Cup of Jo is the first blog that I read. I spent way too many hours going through her old posts. One of my favorite posts was about date nights. I think this idea is genius. GENIUS. 

I am loving the blog Oh Sweet Joy. She has such a cute style. If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas.. her gift guide series has some great ideas! 

 Ah that's love is a wonderful blog. Helen has such a beautiful heart as well as a love for antiques! You must check out her wedding pictures. They are incredible.

Candace, at hippie at heart, is my dear friend here at rucker and she is the one that got me into blogging! She is a new mom and her blog is so open and honest about motherhood. She also has the cutest baby ever. Go check it out!

helene in between is another blog I enjoy. She seriously has me laughing on a daily basis. If you are looking to be entertained.. this is the blog for you!

other blogs I enjoy are: 

What do you love about blogging and the blogging community? Do you have a favorite blog? 


anna lizbeth

(( these are truly blogs that I enjoy.. they are not sponsored!)) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


You guys, I am not sure if you realize this but..Thanksgiving is one week away! I cant believe the holiday season is already upon us. Due to thanksgiving coming up I thought this would be the perfect day to join in on thankful thursday.

There are so many things that I am thankful for.. i am one blessed lady. 

I am thankful to host thanksgiving this year and to share this holiday with so many lovely people.

 Two years ago my husband was deployed.

 One year ago my husband was in training and we had just moved to a new state. 

** Now this year we are together and not only do I get to celebrate thanksgiving with the husband but we are also sharing this day with 10 truly wonderful people whom we just met one year ago and now cherish. I dont think I can express to you all how excited this makes me. 

((Isnt this a lovely way to keep track of your mason jar? Definitely doing this on thanksgiving!))

Another thing I am thankful for is being able to watch my husbands dreams come true. Since my husband was a little boy he dreamed of flying helicopters. He now is able to fly everyday and will begin flying blackhawks the day after thanksgiving!! 

((this is my husband flying a kiowa!))

I am also thankful for the quality time I have been able to spend with the my husband this month. He is in between courses and has two weeks off! I love the adventures we have been able to take lately as well as the lazy days where we have stayed in and caught up on our favorite tv shows. It really is the best. 

I would love to hear what you are thankful for!

anna lizbeth

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

quality vs quantity

I tend to repeat items in my closet often. The staples in my closet at times can be expensive ((my riding boots)) but I only own two pair and have worn them for years. I have found this to be a trend in my life. Friends have commented in the past how small my closet is,  but I have realized I prefer it that way. I prefer to spend money on fewer quality items that I love rather than having a larger quantity and a variety of clothing options.

What is in your closet? Do you go for fewer quality pieces, do you like variety in your closet, or are you the lucky one with quality AND a large closet??

 riding boots: Cole Hann purchased from Nordstrom. 
similar here
 necklace: noon ((gifted from the husband.. thank you kind sir!))

hat: boutique
similar here
 t-shirt: american apparel((Pretty sure I could live in these v-necks.))

chambray shirt:  J-crew
 leggings: Ann Taylor


anna lizbeth

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everything Pumpkin

I love fall people. Everything about it. From the crisp weather to wearing scarves to everything pumpkin!

 On Sunday the husband and I decided to make a fresh pumpkin pie. This is something I had never done before but it was SO much fun. We bought the pumpkins at the grocery store that are specifically marked for making pies. They even had a sticker on them with instructions. Why thank you grocery store. 

We put on some of our favorite music and got to work. While cleaning out the pumpkins we decided it would be fun to make pumpkin seeds as well. One of the blogs I read had recently written a post about roasted pumpkin seeds and I was excited to try it out.

After all of our goodies were finished we sat down with a glass of wine and watched son in law. Which just so happens to be my favorite movie to watch around thanksgiving time. 

It really was a wonderful day and the pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds were quite delicious! 

Here are the recipes:

Pumpkin Pie:

Beat 2 eggs, add 1/4 tsp allspice, 3-4 cups brown sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp cloves, 1-1/2  cups milk and 2 cups cooked squash

bake: 425 for 10 minutes, then lover to 350 and cook until custard is hot. 

Happy Fall and Happy Cooking


anna lizbeth

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Foggy Bottom

We had a wonderful weekend! 

We spent the weekend among friends and eating AHmazing food.

On Friday night a friend had us over for chili and s'mores by the fire. I loved hanging out for hours talking and enjoying my wine while watching that husband of mine playing with our friends baby. A man holding a baby gets me every time. 

 On Saturday a neighboring town hosted a Foggy Bottom BBQ Bash and we decided this event was a must. You guys.. I already love BBQ so I knew I was going to be pleased but this BBQ exceeded my expectations. I was in my happy place. If you ever find yourself in the south. Go find some Good O'l BBQ. You will thank me. 

This weekend we also headed to a local park with the pup and my new camera. I am loving this picture of husband  (who doesnt like to smile seriously for the camera.. i guess i will have to work on candid shots) as well as the photos I was able to capture of the pup. 

I think I am going to really like this whole fancy camera thing. It has become my newest accessory  Now all I need is this camera strap and this camera bag. :)

On Sunday the husband and I made fresh pumpkin pie. roasted pumpkin seeds and watched son in law. It was the perfect sunday.

Look back tomorrow for photos and recipes! 


                                                                           anna lizbeth

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Friday, November 9, 2012

thanksgiving inspiration

I am hosting thanksgiving for our army family this year and I am very excited! I absolutely love hosting. I love getting the house ready, decorating, and having all of my favorite people in one room. It really is the best. In order to prepare for this event I have been looking on pinterest and some of my favorite blogs for inspiration.

      I love the bulb lights in this room and the large family style table. It so cozy. For more pictures of this dinner go here

I think this sign is such a good reminder. It will also look great on my chalkboard! 

Love the pop of yellow with my natural elements.

Write a note on each place card telling your friends (or family) why you are thankful for them. I love this!

I also love the idea of craft paper on the tables. Originally this was made for the kids table.. but hey .. i love it for the adults table as well! 

One thing I love about hosting is thinking about all the little details. I found a great printable here.

Happy Planning!


anna lizbeth

Thursday, November 8, 2012

a lovely trip

I had the most amazing time in San Diego. The second I arrived I immediately felt at home. It was so good to see my friends whom I have missed dearly. 

I stayed with my dear friend Lo. Isn't her home beautiful. I love all of the antique touches and the view from their home is AMAZING! 

The first night we wanted to stay in and catch up so we decided to make a pizza. Naturally we headed to trader joe's for their dough! (I was quite pleased!) 

The next morning we headed to all of my favorite spots. Upstart Crow for coffee and a view of the bay..

Ocean Beach to look at all of my favorite antique stores..

and Con Pane for my favorite sandwich... turkey, avocado, sun dried tomato, feta... goodness me.. it was good! 

That night we had friends over. We made tacos and then headed down to the fire pit to hang out and eat s'mores. 

The next day my morning started off in the best way possible... with a starbucks coffee and a view. 

then off to La Jolla to look at shops, eat, and hang out by the water.

On the last night I wanted to eat at Old Venice. *this is where we had my rehearsal dinner so it has many lovely memories!* I loved finishing off my trip here with friends.

The trip went by so fast but.. the husband and I will be moving back in 4-5 months!! See you soon friends! 


anna lizbeth

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