Sunday, January 27, 2013

Be Kind

I am always amazed at how a kind word can change my outlook for the day. Because of this I always try to say kind and thoughtful things whenever they come to my mind. If my husband does something nice for me...I try to thank him. When I am proud of him.. I tell him. Whenever I am thinking I love you.. I try to say it out loud. If I like my friends shirt... I will tell her. If I miss one of my friends from back home.. I will text them and mention that I am thinking of them. 

It really has made quite the difference!

So on this sunday.. Be Kind.. because you can make someones day ;)


anna lizbeth


  1. Reason #9021302830284214 why I love YOU!

  2. This is lovely :) it's my new years resolution to text my friends more to let them know I'm thinking of them, it really does make a difference! xx

  3. so this thought, it is too true!
    your blog is to die for, i am in love! now following!
    xo c&e

  4. sooo true! one little word can change someones outlook of the entire day. to us it might seem like a small act, but to the other person it can mean so much more :)
    i've learned this through my marriage with my husband too. after a while you start to feel like you don't need to say thank you or please every time. buts those little words are so nice to hear :)

    The DayLee Journal

  5. ohh how I love this!

  6. So true! It takes so little time and effort to be kind, but not enough people do it. This is a great reminder, even for people who try their best to be kind.

    I just stumbled across your blog and I've spent the last 10-15 minutes hopping from post to post. I really love it - I'm your newest follower. :-)

    ~Marie @ Lost and Found ~ Reflections of a Daydreamer

  7. Such a lovely post! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm your newest follower!


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