Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Essentials

Summer is upon us.. Oh Happy Day!

It is time to pull out our summer dresses, read the books that we have been talking about and head off to the park to have a lovely picnic.  

Here is a list of my top 5 picks for summer.


I recently purchased this blanket from West Elm.. isnt it beautiful?  I cant wait to find a reason to use it!


I have been looking for a picnic basket to use along with my blanket and I think I have found the perfect one! I love all of the compartments and the leather handles.


I love madewell. In my eyes they can do no wrong. I love how elegant yet casual this striped dress is. You can wear it with saltwaters for a day at the beach or pair it with heels for a date night!


A book is the perfect companion for lazy days by the water. I recently read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it!


I have seen these shoes pop up all over blog land and decided that I not only wanted a pair.. I NEEDED a pair ;). Now I just need help deciding on a color.. Red, Yellow or Gold?!


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  1. I too am in love with that garden bag! As for shoes you know Red gets my vote:)

  2. The blanket & garden bag are incredible. Unfortunately, summertime in Phoenix, means you stay inside away from the 110 degree heat! I'd go with the red sandals :)

  3. adorable adorable blog!

    have a nice weekend!!!

  4. loooove that kinfolk bag. it is to die for.

    and also saltwaters. i love em. i got a pair for my birthday and i debated between the red and the gold... i went with the gold and i am glad i did because i feel like it goes with EVERYTHING but i still am thinking that i want a pair of red ones too.. hah!

  5. loove that Madewell dress, so adorable


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