Thursday, June 27, 2013

one of my favorite things.

It doesn't get much better than sharing good food and drinks with friends. Then when you add in a view... oh my..I am one happy little lady.

I feel blessed to be able to call California home and want to take advantage of its beautiful views and cool weather. Getting together to BBQ, in my opinion, is a great way to enjoy the area while still keeping things cheap ;). We packed our favorite food in a cooler, brought our pup along and truly had the best time!

Happy Summer Friends!

anna lizbeth

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  1. first of all you are so cute. i love your style and glasses! so cute!

    and secondly i couldn't agree more with your favorites parts of summer. spending time in the sun, with friends, not to mention corn on the cob. looks great! and what a beautiful view!

  2. You are the cutest. I miss you so much!

  3. Happy summer to you too. Great pictures. Take care,

    SHauna xo

  4. love these photos & sweet friendships!


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