Monday, July 1, 2013

a gender reveal ((part 1))

My dear friend is pregnant! Oh happy day! She knew she wanted to do something unique for her gender reveal so we got to planning and I love how the party turned out. 

Banners were hung ^^

flowers were placed^^
signs were made  ^^
 and of course there were mustaches and bows ^^ 

There were baby clothes hung on a line
and most importantly.. a hashtag!! ^^

for more pictures from the gender reveal check back tomorrow!


anna lizbeth

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  1. Hi Anna, I've found my way here through Annapolis & Company, having just participated in Mary Beth's link up for the first time. I love your post and the idea of a gender reveal party - I just found out the gender of my first baby last week and was trying to think of fun ways to announce the gender - this party is such a lovely idea! Your photos are beautiful and capture the details of the party wonderfully : )

  2. so adorable!! looks like the perfect party!!

  3. Another perfect party:) Love it!

  4. Wow! My mind is blown away by some of these ideas! The hashtag . . . the old sneakers holding the chalk . . . all so cute and inspiring! I'm already racking my brain to think of friends who are expecting that I can do this for ;) Love it all!

  5. So cute!! Love the feel of the outdoors in the party decorations. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see what the actual reveal was!!

  6. such a cute and creative party!!! can't wait to see what the baby is!!!

  7. SO cute! If I had a pinterest account still I'd pin the whole darn thing ;)

  8. This is the most precious party ever. Seriously. It is straight out of a magazine. Did you do it all? You did a great job. Take care, can't wait to see,


  9. Very cute! I love the party idea!


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