Friday, July 19, 2013

The Perfect Morning

The husband and I have been an opposite schedules for a while now. Oh, how I have I missed him. For our anniversary we decided it was important for us to get away((even if it was just for the weekend)). We packed up our bags and headed to San Diego. Our first morning there was perfection. We woke up to a view of the sailboats, walked around the bay and ended up at a quaint cafe with a view. It was the kind of morning that did not have an agenda. A morning where you can enjoy the little things. A morning where you can spend quality time focusing on your spouse. A morning where you can watch the marine layer come in and hide the hills of California, The kind of morning that you do not want to end. 

anna lizbeth


  1. aw, sounds like the perfect getaway! so glad you got to spend time with your hubby. we are thinking of going down to sd for a babymoon it there!

  2. Looks lovely! Sometimes even a short getaway makes all the difference!



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