Monday, March 3, 2014

Our little Miracle

Dear Baby Gray,

You have been in my belly now for 32 weeks. Its hard to believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. I feel like it was just yesterday when your dad and I discovered that we were pregnant! It took three pregnancy tests to convince us. We just couldn't believe that this little miracle was already forming inside of me. From the second we found out we were overjoyed.

At 5 weeks we told our families about you. We couldn't keep it in. Right after we found out we were pregnant we hopped on a plane to Texas. The first couple of days we tried to be sneaky. I thought your grandparents were going to catch on right away when I turned down red wine. After a couple of days we let them all in on our little secret. We definitely caught them off guard but they too were thrilled when they heard the news!

At 12 weeks we let the rest of the world know!! It felt so good to fill everyone else in. They all needed to know about you. 

At 15 weeks we found out that you were a BOY! It was my 26th birthday and it was such a special day. We woke up and headed straight to the ultrasound appointment. In the appointment you were being shy and had your legs crossed. Thankfully the technician was feeling generous that day, and let your dad and I go out to lunch and come back a couple hours later to give it another try. The second time around she was able to see your gender. She wrote it down in an envelope and we headed off  to our favorite park so that we could open it together. It was there, at the park in Dana Point overlooking the ocean, that we found out we were expecting you.. a sweet baby boy. 

At 16 weeks we both felt your first kicks. I will never forget your 
dad's reaction when he first felt you. His eyes were huge and a smile lit up his face. From that day on you have not stopped moving. At every doctors appointment they mention  how active you are. We have a feeling that you are going to be a rambunctious one. 

At 22 weeks we headed home for Christmas. The family could not believe how big my bump had already gotten. They also all wanted to feel you kick. Several hands on my belly at once.. was a very common occurrence. You were a big hit! 

At 30 weeks we had a baby shower in order to celebrate your upcoming arrival. Your dad and I felt very loved by our family and friends. During the shower we prayed for my pregnancy and delivery but we also prayed over you and your life. We prayed over your early years, teenage years and all the way up to the woman you are going to marry someday!

These past 32 weeks have been quite the journey. This pregnancy hasn't always been easy on me due to morning sickness but you, my sweet boy, are worth it! There are also many more good days than there are bad days.

My favorite moments are the ones spent with your dad. There are so many moments where we will look at it each other and say, " We are going to be parents!" We love walking on the beach and dreaming about what you will look like, what your interests will be and what our lives will be like after you get here. Nights in bed are also pretty great. That is the time where your dad gets to feel your kicks and talk to you.

We still have 8 more weeks to go but we are already anxiously awaiting your arrival and cannot wait to experience life with you. 


anna lizbeth


  1. Such a sweet letter. Baby Gray is so lucky to have such amazing parents. He will be here so soon!! And he is going to be so so handsome. I can't wait for him to get here.

  2. You are looking great! Hope the next few weeks go quickly for you!


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