Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter to Gray// One month

Dear Gray.

Your first month of life went by way too quickly. You have spoiled us from the beginning. From the day we brought you home you were already easy to please and loved sleep. You loved sleeping on us during the day ((which we were all okay with)) and loved being swaddled in the crib at night.  At first in the night you needed to be fed every two-three hours so we were pretty exhausted but thankfully you would go right back to sleep after each feeding. The trickiest part for us was breastfeeding. There was a point where I almost gave up, but after two weeks (( and with the help of a lactation consultant)) we were able to figure it out. Thankfully we figured it out just in time for your first growth spurt. For a couple of days there all you wanted to do was eat!! At this point my nickname in the house became "dinner".

Even at a young age you were already expressive. We cant get enough of that sweet face of yours. You also would curl your little toes and stretch out your pinkie finger like you were drinking tea. 

Several people came out to see you during your first weeks of life! Your marmee, gramps, sugar and papa all made there way out to Cali from Texas. We also had special friends come over to meet you and bring us ((much needed)) cooked meals!

In such a short period of time you have already brought so much joy into our lives.

You are very special little one.. never forget it!

your proud momma

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