Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letter to Gray// Two months

Dear Gray,

At two months you already loved playing on your mat and looking at your toys. Near the end of your two months you even began to grab the toys that were hanging above your head. You also celebrated your first Fourth of July. Your dad and I decided the best way to celebrate it was by staying in, playing with you and barbecuing as a family. 

You weighed 12.9 pounds and were 24 inches long. You received your first round of shots this month. The first day you were really not a fan. The only way we could get you to stop crying was if we were holding you and you began to get a fever.  We had to give you some Tylenol which helped and after your fever went down you were thankfully back to your old self. 

During your second month of life you also went on many adventures. You are such a good baby we are able to take you anywhere. You went to happy hour, shopping, to the beach several times and we even flew to Texas so that you could meet your aunts and uncles.

We ended up having a 20 hour travel day but you handle it like a champ.

At two months you began sleeping longer in the night (!) it would commonly be between 6-7 hours and towards the end of the month we reached the 8 hour mark!

One of my favorite things about this month is the way that you sneeze. You sneeze often and generally in threes. On the third sneeze you get very dramatic and yell at it. Your dad does the same thing and I just looooove it. 

As the days go on you are smiling more and more. That smile of yours melts the hearts of many.

What gray was doing at one month

your proud momma

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  1. OMG, he is beeeauuuutiful! That smile. He looks and sounds like such a sweetie pie.


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