Thursday, September 18, 2014

Letter to Gray// Three months

Dear Gray,

You are one strong baby. At three months you already wanted to be standing on your feet when we held you. You also started rolling over from your belly to your back. The first time you did it we were in mommy and me yoga class and I missed it. You then did it three other times while I was not watching.. not cool little man! Thankfully by the fourth time we were able to catch it on video. Once we thought you had the hang of it.. you forgot how to do it! Don't worry you will figure it out again soon i'm sure of it.

At three months you became fascinated with your hands. You would curl your hand into a fist and you could stare at it for hours.You also love playing with toys now. Your current favorite is an orange ball. It is perfect for your tiny hands to grasp.

 Our favorite thing about this age is that you began smiling at anyone and everything. We also got you to laugh by dancing with you to a rap song ;) There is nothing better than hearing you laugh. Your dad and I plan to do everything in our power to make you smile and laugh each day!

You are growing up way too fast. Slow down. K?!


Your proud momma

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