Saturday, September 27, 2014

Babies Best Friend

Almost three years ago my husband and I wandered into a pet store. While there I spotted the most adorable puppy I had ever seen and decided that he needed to be ours. At the pet store we googled what a Goldendoodle would look like when he was full grown and we read a couple of facts about their temperament. We were sold. We left with the puppy, a bag of food, a toy and a kennel. My husband and I do not normally make rash decisions but in this moment we did and for the most part we have never looked back and we have loved this dog like he was our child ((seriously)) 

Recently though he has kept me from taking two important trips. The first trip was due to the cost of a pet sitter and the second trip was last minute and I couldn't find a pet sitter in time. It was extremely discouraging. We do not live in the same state as our families and it would have been so nice to see everyone.When these things happened I started to question whether or not this pup of ours was worth it. Not only does he require extra attention,  he also costs a lot of money. The pet sitters, dog food and vet visits really add up.

After pondering the pros and cons of this pup, I quickly realized you cannot put a price on the love that he brings into this family. All he does is love us unconditionally, give us the best cuddles and in general he brightens our day. Most importantly of all, he has already become Gray's best friend. This month they both started to really interact with each other. Shakespeare can always get Gray to laugh. Shakes loves to lick his face, play with his hands and he will even bring over his toy in hopes that gray will throw it for him. ((which, at the moment, is a game that is a little too complex for a 5 month old)) Gray loves to pet ((pull)) Shakespeare's hair and is always reaching out for more kisses. I am so excited about their continued friendship as he grows up. I can already picture them playing tug a war, playing fetch and going on hikes! 

Thanks Shakes for being our back up babysitter, our security guard and our babies best friend. We love you and you are here to stay!!


anna lizbeth


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