Sunday, September 21, 2014

How Sweet It Is // Babyshower

This weekend I was given the opportunity to play photographer for a sweet friend's coed baby shower. I have had our camera for almost two years now but my husband and I have been using it much more lately. He encourages (harasses) me daily to read more about the camera, play with the settings and explore the possibilities in Lightroom so I was very excited to take pictures this weekend. 

The decor was A M A Z I N G and I have some beautiful friends so it definitely helps with the inspiration. The babyshower was so much fun. I love that coed showers are becoming popular. Fathers are so involved these days and it is important to celebrate with them. 

The men all brought their favorite beers for the dad-to-be and the woman brought baby gifts. There was also cornhole, a taco bar and s'mores by the fire at night. 

In our group of friends there are already 6 babies under the age of one. We are very excited to welcome another little girl into the group. Only two are boys so Gray is a little outnumbered but I have a feeling that as he gets older he will prefer it that way ;).

After dinner the girls watched the mom-to-be open presents and had a prayer time while the men stayed down by the fire. This was such a special time and I was reminded yet again of the miracle of life. I am so excited for my sweet friends who get to meet their baby girl in just a couple more weeks!

It was such a wonderful night. I am so thankful for this growing community that Ben, Gray and I are able to be a part of. 


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