Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday letters

Dear Rocking Chairs, welcome back. now that it is cool again I am able to sit on you, drink coffee or wine, and chat with the the husband. It's one of my favorite things to do.

Dear Cotton Fields, you sure are pretty. I remember driving past you when we were moving to Alabama. Can't believe we have almost been here a year!

Dear Pumpkin Cookies, I cant stop eating you. Maybe next time I should only make half a batch!

Dear Pumpkin Beer, I am a big fan. 

Dear Sister, come back! I sure did enjoy having you around. 

Dear Shakespeare, its crazy how cute you are!

Dear Husband, we have a three day weekend! Sleeping in. wine. cuddles. drive in movie theater.  bookstore. walking the pup in the park. farmers market. I look forward to spending a relaxing weekend with you.

Dear Weekend, Welcome!



  1. PUMPKIN Cookies?! I want some! and love those rocking chairs :) New Follower!

  2. No way pumpkin beer? Now Iv seen it all! Those rocking chairs are way cool I want one :)

  3. I love rocking chairs. You both look so comfy on your porch. Looks lovely.

  4. My favorite one yet. You inspire me. I love seeing you so happy and enjoying Alabama so much....drink it up! Have a great weekend.

  5. Pumpkin cookies and pumpkin beer?? A girl after my own heart. ♥

    Here via Friday Letters.


  6. I want rocking chairs so bad for the front of our house!
    Those cookies and that beer look delicious.

  7. Porch rocking chairs, pumpkin, love!

    New follower via Friday Letters.

  8. You are so cute, with your rocking chairs! Love it! And those pumpkin cookies look DELICIOUS. I want some.
    Happy weekend!!


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