Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Banners, I have big plans for you. I want to make one of you for every season now. I am thinking Trick or Treat, Merry Christmas, and Be Mine. What fun. 

Dear Wine, I love that I can enjoy you at noon with friends.

Dear Maps, I am pleased that my husband has now completed his flight school project and you are off my floor. Dear Husband, have I mentioned how proud of you I am? Because I am one proud wifey over here. Your hard work in flight school never ceases to amaze me.

Dear Big Daddy, I really enjoyed your BBQ. Thank you.

Dear Kimbra, I am obsessed with your video. In my world my husband would always wear a suit and a top hat. Oh and be dancing.

Dear Husband, Can we head to the beach this weekend? Now that its cooling down I am picturing.. overcast, beach chairs, coffee in my hand, you by my side, and a good book. Sounds good, yes? 

Dear Weekend, Welcome. I have big plans for you!



  1. Yay for fellow army wives =) I have been really lucky that the women in my spouses' club and FRG have given me some awesome advice.

    Those top banners are so cute! I made a burlap fall banner, but I am thinking that I need a Give Thanks one too.

  2. Love those banners!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Hi Anna! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - it's great to find yours as well!

    We have a goldendoodle too! His name is Winston and he's 90lbs of sheer sweetness :) I'm pretty sure goldendoodles might be the best dog breed, ever!

    And wine at noon? So jealous! I went out to lunch with a friend last week and we really wanted margaritas, but we were just too afraid to go for it!

  4. my huz and i would dress to the nines every day if we could—top hats, cufflinks and a fitted suit for him, and laced-up heels, dresses and lipstick for me! ...if only! way to go for getting through—what looks like—a huge project (the maps)! have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! {and hopefully with your toes in the sand} :)

  5. Hi from Friday Letters!

    I agree with you on the suits and top hats - so HAWT! haha. I love the banner idea by the way. It's really cute. One for every holiday would just be fab!

    Happy Friday!

    xo, Heather

  6. Oh wow this is the first time I have seen these banners and I am in love. My mind is churning now! Thanks for posting! New follower!


  7. you are toooo cute :)


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